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Chris Vavro

Healing old wounds allows us to step into more of who we are, with courage and confidence.  The underlying fear, rage, grief and shame that leads to thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make life intensely painful…can be healed.  One client recently shared after a year of work using Deep Brain Reorienting:

Overall, what I have noticed in myself is that the deep, negative-core foundational beliefs … have shifted tremendously. Instead of running on constant hyper-vigilance and ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop,’ I now feel I am safe and strong as I am, and believe I am fundamentally ‘enough.’ I trust myself, and for the first time ever, I value myself. I also believe I have a choice around what I’d like to do with my life. I now have opportunities and freedom. Contentment is now a much more steady and long-lasting underlying feeling, and dare I say, new fundamental core belief. It is a level, soft, quiet, and even uneventful feeling for me. And it’s nice.”

The focus of my practice is contributing to the healing of psychological trauma.  To that end, I continue to develop specialized skills and expertise that give me the opportunity to facilitate healing at the deepest levels of self.  I incorporate modalities such as Deep Brain Reorienting therapy, EMDR therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, and Ego State therapy (refer to the ‘Areas of Expertise’ page for descriptions).  These combined approaches allow us to heal lifelong wounds together.  What would be different if you were more fully present in the world, feeling more and more secure in all of who you are?  Let’s talk about it!

My Story

I graduated with my Master of Social Work degree in 2017, embarking on a second career after 20+ years in information technology.  My initial path through school culminated in a MA in cognitive psychology, so the brain has always had a special place in my heart.  Little did I know that I would be working with the brain in a healing profession many years later.  Even more surprising is my own shift from a focus on the logical brain to working with more primitive, unconscious parts of Self.  And, incidentally, a shift towards my clients’ hearts and my own.  Collaborating in the healing process and being present as my clients shift into new ways of being present in the world is the most fulfilling aspect of my therapeutic work.

For Clinicians:

My second love is assisting clinicians and walking with them in their journey.  I provide

EMDR consultation, case consultation, and clinical supervision for LSWs.  

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Fee Schedule

55 minute session - $175

I will no longer be accepting insurance as of 1/1/2025. 



I have very limited availability for new clients at this time. I invite you to consider the other members of A Space For Healing, as most of us are clinically  trained in trauma treatment.


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