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Chris Vavro

Chris is passionate about working with clients to heal their trauma.  She understands that healing is a co-creation between the therapist and client, including all aspects of the work.  Chris provides a healing presence and evidence-based brain/body treatment modalities to relieve suffering and heal trauma at its source.

My Story

I graduated with my Master of Social Work degree in 2017, embarking on a second career after 20+ years in information technology.  My initial path through school was cognitive psychology, so the brain has always had a special place in my heart.  Little did I know that I would be working with the brain in a healing profession many years later.  Even more surprising is my own shift from a focus on the logical brain to working with more primitive, unconscious parts of Self.  And, incidentally, a shift towards my clients’ hearts and my own.
I like to be with people one on one, to see and hear them, both from and in a compassionate space.  Facilitating the healing process and being present as my clients shift into new ways of being

present in the world is the most fulfilling aspect of my therapeutic work.

For Clinicians:

My second love is assisting clinicians and walking with them in their journey.  I provide

EMDR consultation, case consultation, and clinical supervision for LSWs.  

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I am not accepting new clients at this time, but invite you to consider the other members of A Space For Healing, as most of us are clinically  trained in trauma treatment.



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