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Ophira Dar

Ophira works with adolescents, young adults, and adults using a collaborative, strengths-based approach. She has helped clients navigate stressful life transitions, manage their anxiety, and process and understand their various identities. She is passionate about creating an accepting, affirming space and empowering clients to take charge of their own healing journey.

My Story

I’ve always been fascinated by stories. Stories inspire, open new worlds, and serve as a guide. Stories also connect us—we become closer through bridging the gap in our life experiences. I started my professional journey as an educator, using stories in the classroom. As I taught, I realized that I wanted more: to be entrusted with the great privilege of hearing others’ every day lived experiences. That passion for developing a shared connection through stories led me to pursue a Master’s degree and become a licensed social worker. As a therapist, I have the honor of sharing in people’s struggles, joys, frustrations, traumas, fears, and celebrations. As part of that process, I serve as a guide and as a support. Building this connection in therapy alongside individuals is one of the most rewarding parts of this work for me. I hope to help those who want to share their story and find a new way to heal together.


Fee Schedule

$150 per 55 minute session.

I accept several different kinds of insurance, please contact me for details


I currently have limited availability for telehealth appointments, I'd love to talk with you to see if we would be a good fit! Feel free to reach out either by phone or email.


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