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Supervision, Consultation, and Training with Chris Vavro

Thank you for your interest in training opportunities with me; one of my passions is helping clinicians expand and deepen their skill set, especially around trauma treatment and dissociation.  I see this role as an interactive expansion of two equally important things: learning and practical skills.  I incorporate clinical research, my professional wisdom and intuition, and knowledge gained from consultants I work with.  It is exciting to be part of an ever expanding group of clinicians who use their time and resources to better themselves and benefit fellow clinicians and our clients.


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If you are an LSW working toward your independent licensure (LISW), I provide clinical supervision.  This may include case consultation, work with transference and countertransference, modality specific training, and screening/assessment for dissociation and other case complexities.


I provide clinical consultation to licensed professionals, including toward EMDRIA Certification and EMDRIA Consultant status, as well as case consultations.


                EMDRIA Certification

If you have completed phase 1 and phase 2 EMDR training and your 10 initial hours of consultation, congratulations!  You have become a ‘Trained EMDR Therapist.’  There are many benefits to continuing through Certification.  Certification is all about mastering the EMDR standard protocol.  Case conceptualization and an understanding of dissociation are central to this phase of learning.  Together we create a strong foundational understanding of Shapiro’s methodology and how it applies to cases that are increasingly complex.  Requirements for Certification includes at least 20 hours of consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and/or Consultant in Training.


                EMDRIA Approved Consultant.

For those clinicians who have completed EMDRIA Certification, and want to help other EMDR clinicians advance their EMDRIA status, I provide consultation to Consultants in Training, I support and empower clinicians through their growth into EMDRIA Approved Consultants.  This stage is focused on reviewing your work as you begin to consult with newly trained EMDR therapists. Requirements for becoming an Approved Consultant includes at least 20 hours of consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant.


EMDR / case consultations. 

EMDR is a powerful tool with effective protocols for helping clients resolve trauma, but even the best clinicians run into clients that are puzzling. I guarantee you are not the only EMDR clinician who wonders “Am I doing this right?” I can help you review your cases, effectively choose and use advanced protocols, and help clients resolve blocks to their growth and healing.

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Podcast on Trauma Treatment

Podcast on EMDR for Treatment of Trauma

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