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Carly Sekerak

Carly works with adults and young adults, using a trauma focused lens to help them heal from things they have survived. She has experience helping clients with the unique challenge of transitioning into adulthood, developing a sense of identity and purpose, and she enjoys helping individuals achieve body positivity while learning to care about themselves.

Carly's story

I began my career in 2017 working as a mental health case manager and initiated my education towards a Master's in Social Science Administration. During this time, I gained experience working with a diverse group of individuals and transitioned into my role as a therapist upon my graduation in 2020. I believe that I was meant to become a therapist because it reflects a true part of myself that enjoys making authentic connections with others. As I began my work in the mental health field, one thing that I began to understand was how trauma can lead us to feeling isolated and broken. What I have learned is that so many people feel

alone in their experiences because of shame or fear of being misunderstood. I

found it meaningful to help other people learn about themselves and empower

them to see their unique strengths and qualities. Finding this meaning in my

work has helped me expand on my own purpose and is part of what makes

therapy so enjoyable for me. I appreciate that my time is spent sharing some of

people's most challenging and celebratory moments. My goal has always been

to create a space for people that is warm and welcoming - a place to come and

feel supported, uplifted, and cared for. My belief is through sharing in

meaningful relationships with this type of connection that we are able to find a

pathway to healing.

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Fee Schedule

55 minute session - $150

I accept several different kinds of insurance. Please contact me for details.


I am currently not accepting new clients.


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