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Sarah Jeppesen

Sarah is skilled at providing adolescents and adults an inviting and nonjudgmental environment to tell their story. She serves as a guide, assisting clients in finding new ways to navigate difficult life transitions, build a strong sense of self, and process traumas that are impacting their lives.

Sarah's Story

I always knew that connecting with others and providing them safety and compassion was a core part of who I am. I did not realize that I would be able to do this with inspiring and brave individuals every day! I graduated in 2019 with a Master’s of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and began working primarily with adolescents and young adults, as well as adults with several mental illnesses and substance use disorders. This is where I                                                           realized the impact that trauma and difficult relationships had on almost everyone                                                     who shared their stories. I have worked to increase my knowledge of trauma and                                                           relationships and hope to guide those who are ready on the journey to heal from                                                        these painful experiences and create the life they have always wanted.


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I have limited availability for new clients. I'd love to talk with you to see if we would be a good fit!

(440) 363.1051

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